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Zinc Spray (Cold Galvanizing Spray) >
Product Name: Zinc Spray

Cold Galvanizing  Spray, stops rust and corrosion. Excellent for coating, spot priming and repair areas damaged by wielding  and atmospheric exposure. Can be used as primmer to most paints. 


  • Galvanic protection against thermal and chemical corrosion

  • Resists salty and other corrosive atmospheres.

  • Resists temperature from -50 to 550⁰C

  • High coverage ability without running or excessive thickness

  • Excellent finish

  • Tack free and handled in 10 to 15 minutes at 25⁰C,full cured after 24 hour

  • Aerosol formulation gives quick, even spray

  • Can be painted after curing

  • CFC Free


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