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Product Name: Asmacocoat WP 900

ASMACOAT WP 900 is a liquid applied, coal tar modified, single-component moisture-curing polyurethane coating. It is designed to form a seamless, elastomeric waterproofing membrane. When fully cured ASMACOAT WP 900 forms a permanently flexible waterproof lining to most building surfaces including reinforced concrete, block works, brick works, cement render, plaster board and fibre-reinforced cement. The properties like high elasticity, very good crack bridging and impermeability to water vapour make it capable of effectively waterproofing even in most demanding conditions.

• Single component ready for use (no mixing required).
• Excellent elasticity, allows expansion and contraction with the substrate, without cracking or becoming brittle.
• Excellent chemical resistance.
• High thermal stability which eliminates melting and flowing at high temperature.
• Excellent workability.
• Excellent adhesion to wide range of construction materials.
• Provides a continuous, seamless waterproofing membrane.
• Easy to repair.

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