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Asmaco Fix - UPVC Cement P-917

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Product Details :

Asmaco fix upvc cement P 917 is a specially formulated solvent based adhesive used for cementing & joining applications of pipes and pipe fittings made of Rigid PVC (U-PVC). It is a medium viscosity penetrating adhesive that is ideal for waterproof bonding and prevents leakage at extreme pressures. Asmaco fix meets the requirements of International Standards such as BS and ASTM. Product is suitable for use of PVC pipes and fittings up to 12 inches.

Features :

Direction For Use:

• The surface to be bonded must be clean, dry, free from dust, grease and oil particles.

• Use of sand paper to make surface rough recommended for better adhesion.

• Clean both surface ends  thoroughly with Cleaner and clean using tissue paper. 

• Stir Asmaco fix cement well and apply an even layer of adhesive (thin layer on fitting, thicker on pipe) in an axial direction with a brush. Assemble the parts within 4 minutes (at 23oC) without turning and hold firmly for few seconds.

• Wipe off excess adhesive. Assembled joint should not be disturbed for 5 minutes (below 10 oC, 15 min).

• For better results put pipe into use after one hour. Replace cap tightly after use. 

• After carrying out any welding work, pipes should be filled with water, rinsed and flushed thoroughly before using.

Precautions : 

• After application of adhesive both the surface should be bonded immediately upon evaporation of solvent and before forming the skin on surface. 

• Excess adhesive should be removed for better aesthetics.

• Use of primer / cleaner is recommended for better adhesion. 

• Surface bonding time will vary from 1 minute to 5 minutes depending upon climate temperature.

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