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G2100 PU Foam

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Product Details :

G2100 UNIVERSAL MULTIFOAM is a single component, Economic grade, moisture-curing and self-expanding aerosol polyurethane foam. It is designed for easy dispensing through the straw gun included with each can.

Features :

  • 300% - Triple Expanding Foam.
  • Excellent adhesion & filling capacity and high thermal & acoustical insulation valve.
  • Excellent mounting capacity and stability.
  • Adheres to almost all building materials with the exception of surfaces such as polyethylene, Teflon, silicone, and surface contaminated with oils and greases, mold release agents, and similar materials.
  • Mould proof, water proof, over paintable.
  • Quick drying, moisture curing
  • Closed-cell structure, resistant to water absorption
  • The cured foam dries rigidly and can be trimmed, shaped, and sanded.
  • Suitable for sealing high volume low moment gaps.
  • It does not contain any propellant gases that are harmful to the ozone layer.

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