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Asmaco 2680 Silicone Sealant (Food Grade)

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Product Details :

Asmaco 2680 is a single component, neutral cure silicone sealant which is particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This is a high bonding, medium modulus sealant and offers durable adhesion to most porous and non porous substrates including glass, metals, coated and painted metals, plastic wood, concrete etc. The product is resistant to Ozone, UV and temperature extremes. The product is formulated to resist mold and mildew where high humidity and temperature exist.

Features :

  • Suitable for most new construction and Sealant repairing applications
  • Single product suitable for weather sealing and structural glazing
  • Cures at room temperature at ambient humidity conditions.
  • No surface pre-treatment or primer is required in most of the surfaces.
  • Outstanding adhesiveness to many substrates,
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Anti-Fungus and anti-bacterial grade to suit wet area applications Excellent durability
  • Low VOC as per green building norms
  • Wide service temperature range (-40OC to 150OC)
  • Meets global standards (Americas, Asia and Europe).
  • Available in Clear/White/Black 
  • Packing - 24 PCS/Ctn


• Structural and Nonstructural glazing

• Structural attachment of many panel systems

• Demanding sanitary applications

• Panel stiffener applications

• Weather sealing of most common construction materials including glass, aluminum, steel, painted metal, EIFS, granite and other stone, concrete, brick and plastics

Rating & Reviews

Rating & Review Product
  • 5 The Best Silicone Sealant Manufacturer and Supplier

    I have been using this Silicone Sealant for quite a long time it really helped me a lot. I think this is one of the best products from ASMACO.

    shahed mohiudddin

    05 Sep 2021

Question and Answers

Where can this application be used?


Weather sealing for most common building materials, including glass, aluminum, steel, painted metal, EIFS, granite, and other stones, concrete, brick, and plastic

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