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Firestop Sealant

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Product Details :

ASMACO FIRESTOP SILICONE SEALANT is a single component high performance gun grade FIRESTOP weather sealant based on re resistant Silicone formulation. The sealant is suitably formulated by using special additives and chemicals. The product is Fire resistant, weather resistant, microbial resistant and easy to apply. It effectively seals internal and external joints between construction parts subjected joint movement. FIRESTOP silicone sealant helps to protect combustible and non-combustible penetrations for up to 4 hours Fire rating. This product can be used for sealing all movement joints up to 50% and restricts the passage of re and smoke from room to room and to escape routes. Since the sealant is low VOC, it is user friendly and confirms green building requirements.

Features :

  • Cladding and glazing
  • Construction movement joints
  • Steel, copper and EMT pipes
  • Insulated steel and copper pipes
  • Cable bundles
  • Closed or vented plastic pipes
  • HVAC penetration
  • Sharjah Civil Defence Certificate
  • DCD Certificate

Rating & Reviews

Rating & Review Product
  • 5 excellent

    Best Selling Product from Asmaco


    15 Aug 2021