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Asmaco Brake Cleaner

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Product Details :

ASMACO BRAKE CLEANER is a universal cleaner for the automotive industry which cleans, degrease, and evaporates without leaving residues. It is used primarily for cleaning surfaces in vehicles and everyday life and intended for subsequent processing (gluing, painting, coating, sealants, etc.) Brake Cleaner can be used on brakes (drum and disc brakes, brake pads, brake blocks, cylinders, springs, and bushings), clutches (clutch linings and components), and engine parts–extends their service life with regular use. Buy Wholesale Asmaco Brake Cleaner for low prices.

Features :

• Asmaco Brake Cleaner removes Oils and degrease particles.

• Fast evaporating without leaving no residues.

• It extends the service life of the parts.

• Suitable for brake discs and brake pads.


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