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Contact Adhesive

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Product Details :

ASMACO GOLD SUPER STRONG Contact Adhesive is a multi-purpose single component air drying Poly chloroprene rubber-based adhesive, suitably formulated for bonding various types of substrates. It has excellent green strength and bonds rapidly due to its fast crystallization rate. This is a high solids, high viscosity contact adhesive and hence it is suitable for bonding porous substrates like foam, carpets, canvas, wood laminates, MDF laminates, etc... It has excellent adhesiveness to common substrates and can be used in automotive decoration and repairs, upholstery works, furniture, leather & foot wear industries, fixing of metals & plastics, general household & industrial maintenance and DIY use. After drying, the glue line is resistant to heat, moisture and also exhibits good low-temperature flexibility. Sizes: Tube Packaging 125 gms X 144 Pcs/Ctn Packaging Can: 250 gms X 24 Pcs.Ctn 600gms X 12 Pcs/Ctn, 3 Ltr X 4 Pcs/Ctn, 15 Kg Can

Features :

  • Polychloroprene Rubber-Based Adhesive
  • Strong bonding
  • Outstanding adhesiveness to many porous substrates like foam, carpets, canvas, wood, laminates Plastics, etc.
  • Excellent resistance to heat & moisture
  • Exhibits good low-temperature flexibility
  • DCL Certificate

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